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    Las Pozas.

    Discovering the surreal sculptures hidden within the Mexican Jungle.
    Las Pozas.

    Deep in the jungle of the La Huasteca rainforest, lies a labyrinth of buildings, columns, sculptures and trails that take on the side of surrealism and an unbelievable architectural escape.

    The location is called Las Pozas (“the pools”), it is surrounded by natural streams, waterfalls and is spread out over more then 20 acres of lush jungle.
    Las Pozas was created by Edward James, and eccentric British poet. He was known for is patronage of Surrealist artists, including Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. It is clear to see that he was inspired by these artists and created an surrealist escape for himself. The construction of Las Pozas took place between 1949 and 1984 and was said to cost roughly $5 million to build and required the labor of a small town. To pay for the project, James auctioned off his extensive collection of Surrealist art. In return, he spent long periods at Las Pozas, bathing in its pools, writing, and tending to his collections of exotic plants and animals.