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    Europe Art Nouveau.

    Taschen will release a book in memorial of Keiichi Tahara, focusing on his greatest source of inspiration- art nouveau architecture.
    Europe Art Nouveau.

    It is known that at the beginning of the 20th century, architecture took a turn in means of art and composition. New materials and technologies met global architects which completely inspired the change and desire for every thing Art Nouveau. The late architectural photographer Keiichi Tahara traveled to Europe to find the best examples of Art Nouveau in architecture. Tahara’s work is known for capturing intricate details of bold, and marvellous structures. From the Grand Hotel Europa to capturing the subtle features in a simple chandelier, Tahara had an eye for extracting the most organic features from a architectural form.
    Taschen will be releasing a book called Architecture Fin- De- Siècle in memorial for Tahara’s photographic achievements drawing inspiration from Europe's architectural wonders. His photos were captured during a pivotal moment in which the world was craving technological, philosophical and political advancements. Architecture Fin- De- Siècle will also accompany texts by Riichi Miyake describing the building’s floor plans and designs. The limited edition book will be released in August 2017.