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    Californian Modernism Captured.

    The photography of Julius Shulman.
    Californian Modernism Captured.

    Julius Shulman’s photography captures the essence of architectural structures through his unique perspective which attracted the attention of the architectural world, as well as designers and artists alike. Shulman created an impressive archive of over 250,000 negatives and prints documenting the chic Californian modernist buildings, interiors, luxury lifestyle and fashion shots which are generally considered a comprehensive overview of the time.

    Shulman’s images show his great understanding for buildings and landscapes with a strong sense of humanity and the vision of the community’s hopes almost always present. Publisher Benedikt Taschen said, “Unlike most architectural photography until then, some of Shulman’s best photographs featured ‘real’ human beings”.

    Although many of photographs are focused around his native Los Angeles and the west coast area, his career also enabled him to travel to many places with his camera to the American Midwest, Mexico and further to Israel and Hong Kong, to name a few.

    Julius Shulman’s impressive collection of work has been collated by Taschen in Modernism Rediscovered, a three volume tome which includes personal notes from the late photographer as well as critical discourse on the structures and architects.