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    By the Silvery Moon.

    Melbourne photographer Tom Blachford casts new light on the iconic architecture of Palm Springs.
    By the Silvery Moon.
    Photos by Tom Blachford.

    Concerned he might not capture Palm Springs in a unique way, Australian photographer Tom Blachford extended shooting into the night. As luck would have it, there was a full moon, and this unusual source of light gave his night-time pictures a curious sheen. Iconic, familiar Palm Springs architecture took on an almost supernatural appearance. The pictures haunted him on his return to Australia.

    On a second journey to the desert resort town, he timed it so his subjects would be lit by a super moon. He presented his work to the Palm Springs Modern Committee – an organisation dedicated to preserving for Desert Modern architecture – and was granted access to more local houses. The results are eerily beautiful, repackaging the former celebrity address as a series of surreal landscapes. Geometric architecture, still pools, deserted yards – scenes reminiscent of a computer render or a cruise through San Andreas.