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    Tex Kardinaal

    Tex Kardinaal photographed by Yael Temminck.
    Photography by Yael Temminck.

    Tex Kardinaal was originally born in Groningen, Netherlands. When he was young, his family made the move to the bustling city of Amsterdam. Growing up in the forward thinking city made a mark on Tex. He has such appreciation for Amsterdam, which he calls his hometown. The people that inhabit his hometown are wholeheartedly kind, and helpful to anyone, which is truly inspiring for Tex.

    His family plays a very important roll in his life. He believes that "the most important thing is friends and family. Nothing beats that.” One of his earliest memories is was with his whole family on a vacation in Crete, Greece. They went there to visit with his uncle. He remembers sitting on the porch of his uncles home watching is little brother annoy some cats.

    Now that he is a model, he misses his family and his girlfriend, but is off concurring the fashion world a snap at a time. Tex considers his career as a strike of luck, as he was scouted. He never dreamt this life for him, but he is thankful for the opportunities to travel to new places like Paris and London. A memorable photo that he likes to share was taken by George Naylor in London, Tex is wearing a salmon colored suit. He likes this photo so much because his wrinkles and facial expressions are accentuated by the editing.

    As for the future, Tex dreams of traveling to New York or Las Vegas. He’s never been to the United States, and often wonders if it would be a place for him. But for now he travels the world, and thinks of his family and girlfriend in Amsterdam. Follow Tex Kardniaal on Instagram at @tex_kardinaal.