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    Oliwia Sawczak

    Introducing Olivia, the Bochnia-born star of our shoot. Balance a modelling career with school, Olivia brings an uncommon luminosity to each frame, effortlessly charismatic through the lens. Here she is shot by Francois Rotger, sharing some of her hopes and dreams in our exclusive Q&A.
    Photography by François Rotger.

    Where were you born?
    I was born in Bochnia (Poland), but I live in Tarnów and I treat Tarnów like my hometown. Actually, it was an accident that I was born there. Going back to my hometown always makes me happy. After a long time staying far away from home I want to see my family and friends. Sometimes it's really hard to find time for all of them because after a time of absence I have so many things to do.

    Do you have any pets?
    I don't have any pet :( But I would like to have! Maybe a dog or a monkey haha, but it is impossible. Travelling takes a lot of time so I wouldn't have enough time to take care of them.

    What is you earliest memory?
    One of the earliest memory from childhood is when my older brother was running after me and was trying to throw spiders on me. Maybe that's why I'm so afraid of spiders now.

    Back then when you were a child, did you dream of travelling around the world one day like you do now?
    Of course I was dreaming of traveling around the world but I have never expected that it will come true in the future. I think everyone did... I'm so happy it turned out this way.

    What do you miss about home?
    I miss the real fresh fruits from my grand mom’s garden. But I'm trying to use different oriental fruits to replace it. Also my friends, but we’re in touch all the time, I have to know what is happening in my town ;) I'm just kidding. It is just a distance. We have so many social websites and apps to keep us in touch, so it's not a big problem. The worst thing is that we can't see each other :(

    What is the most important thing for you right now?
    Hmm now my priority changed. School is still first place, but modeling is important, too. I have to finish school; it is my last year so I have to pass all exams well and then will see. For sure I will have more time for modeling :)

    How did you start out in modeling?
    Actually, I began modeling randomly. I have always wanted to be a model (I think like most of girls), but I didn't know how to start, or maybe I was too shy. Now, I love what I do so maybe it was always just a matter of time.

    What’s your fondest memory?
    It is hard to choose which memory is the best. I have so many good things and memories in my head. And when I think that something is the best thing that could happen, there is another one. I can't choose just one from so many.

    Which picture of yourself do you like best?
    When it comes to work I have some favorite pictures, but the most beautiful picture of me isn't one from a professional shooting. It's important to have favorite photos which you like and you feel confident with. The most beautiful one, for me, is one where I can see myself smiling and I have million good memories with it. When I see it I just think: I wish I could do it again :D

    Where do you think you will eventually settle down?
    In a world there are so many beautiful places, countries and cities I just can't choose only one. I'm going to keep travelling and after a few years you can ask me again which place is the best for me :)