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    Sarah by Kayla

    Sun-filled Nostalgia, introducing Sarah Winters AKA Vōx, photographed by Kayla Varley.
    Photographs by Kayla Varley.

    The mystique of singer/songwriter/producer Sarah Winters, a.k.a. vōx is captivating, her songs are sensual and haunting. Although she has only so far released five songs, her music has grabbed the attention of audiences from L.A. to New York and it’s only matter of time before the rest of the world is obsessed with her soulful and edgy voice.

    As well as the art of music, Winters has a strong passion for visual arts. Her collaboration with Kayla Varley, shot in the hills of L.A., is as stunning and seductive as her music. The pair started at an unmarked trail near the 101 freeway, they made a 45 minute rough hike through some pretty dangerous terrain to discover the cross that not many people know exists. As the sun was setting it lit up the cross spectacularly and they shot until it was too dark to shoot any longer.

    Kayla Varely is know for her mesmerising photography style, steeped in glowing sunlight with a sense of the flowing movement of the body and the exquisite female form, and this shoot is no exception. For more of her work visit www.kaylavarley.com

    This photo series is to accompany vox’s music which you can check out at soundcloud.com/itsmevox