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    Jus Vun

    This Australian fashion, editorial and portrait photographer has an unconventional education background, but draws on his influences in Japan and France, amongst other things, to create dramatic impact in his photography.
    Photography by Mika Nakanishi.

    Born on the island of Borneo, Jus Vun migrated to Australia during his childhood years. There, he studied a business degree, and spent five years working in universities and for the Australian Government in financial systems. Eventually he moved to Tokyo.

    It was in Tokyo, immersed in Japanese arts and culture, that Jus discovered a passion for photography. His life as a photographer bloomed in the following eight years, inspired by the Japanese concept of yugen (a profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe and the melancholic beauty of suffering) and wabi-sabi (transience and the imperfect, incomplete and the impermanent, such as fading autumn leaves, falling sakura petals and flawed beauty.)

    After much deliberation, he moved to Paris in 2012 to pursue a European MFA in Photography at SPEOS Photographic Institute, a move that influenced him to shift his focus to fashion photography. Now working in education, he continues to devote his life to photography, fashion, the arts and travel. To date, he has visited more than 25 countries. He describes his work as “depicting the many spectrums of darkness in the human psyche.”