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    Javier Garcia Conde

    Javier Garcia Conde wearing GRINDLONDON S/S 2017 photographed by Matthieu Lunard & Styled by Sayda Metwali.
    Photography by Matthieu Lunard, Fashion Editor Sayda Metwali

    AM: Where were you born? - what is it like back there?

    JG: I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Its a tropical island in the Caribbean. Its sunny, hot and beautiful. Its not a economically rich country, but it has the richest land and ecosystems I’ve been able to see. Its a unique feeling for me, because wether I feel good or bad, hot or cold (almost impossible to feel actual cold there), black and white or colourful or any other possible sensation, comes with the priceless feeling of being home, sweet home.

    AM: What is the earliest memory you have from your childhood?

    JG: It is from my 6th birthday. It was Spongebob themed! It may have been the biggest birthday celebration I’ve ever had. I remember both sides of grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts. Even the school friends of my brothers and my parents work colleagues. It is a truly happy memory indeed, thanks for the reminder!

    AM: Back then when you were a child, did you dream of travelling around the world one day like you do now?

    JG: Yes, indeed. This is a true fact; that I always saw it as just that. A dream, and someone I admire and idolize (world cup football champion) told me one day about the true power of a dream and to never stop dreaming nor chasing my dreams. And so i did.

    AM: Is there something you really miss from your old place?

    JG: Yes, the little details. My mom's coffee and breakfast every morning, the little bird that was always singing in my window, the sunrise from my balcony. 

    AM: Are you still in touch with your friends back home?

    JG: Yes, I never lost the touch.

    AM: What’s the most important thing for you right now?

    JG: My time, health and balance.

    AM: Do you feel that you’re here for a reason, that you were destined to it, or was it just random, luck?

    JG: I feel I’m here for nothing more and nothing less that my past actions and efforts. The determination of materializing what as a dream or desire arises within my consciousness.

    AM: What was the best memory you have ?

    JG: So many, so different, lets just say they are all shared, some with family, some with friends, some with a lover, they are all magic that sprinkle my days.

    AM: What is the most beautify picture (of you) that you ever saw? Was it a “professional” picture? Or was it just a friend/family taking it?

    JG: Honestly, it was my first "professional" picture, and was taken by a friend who is a professional, although we were only having fun with the lens.

    AM: When you have a new beautiful picture in your book, do you want to share it with your friends? or is it something you keep aside, just for work?

    JG: It depends a lot on the material, but generally, if I feel I look good in the picture I want to share it. I think its why I also decide working in these types of environment. I sense it very intriguing and exciting to create visual art with what is already there.

    AM: Is there a place you’d dream to go to? A trip that you’re dreaming of? A place that you always thought “this is a place for me - one day”?

    JG: As a matter of fact, two days ago I made a decision on a to take a trip, a new adventure, a new beginning. I’m planning to go to Spain. I am half Spanish. I have a lot of passion for the Spanish culture because my family from my dad side is all from Spain and we've been impregnated with their habits.