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    Ekaterina Nadezhdina

    Aserica caught up with Russian model Ekaterina Nadezhdina in Bangkok and asked her a few questions about her life and love.
    Photography by Matthieu Lunard, Fashion Editor Akekaluk Sangjunda, Special Thanks to Nita @treasuresofficial.

    Aserica: Where are you from in Russia?
    Kate: I was born in a small town not too far from Moscow called Yaroslavl. It was only when I started travelling that I realised just how beautiful and unique my hometown actually is. The people of Yaroslavl are extremely proud to live in one of the oldest towns in Russia, home to the first Russian Theatre which dates back to 1750, with its own rich history.

    A: Can you tell us about one of your earliest childhood memories?
    K: When I think about my childhood I can see a piano and musical notes in front of me. That’s because, when I was four years old I began to study at music school. Over the next five years of my life I spent in the music school and devoted myself to this art. I also remember as a little girl wanting to go to the sea and dreaming about travelling to far away lands.

    A: What do you miss about your hometown of Yaroslavl?
    K: Being so far away from home I definitely miss my family and close friends. In life most of us have just a few people that we hold close and are important in our lives and for international models, often those people are far away. Of course travelling all the time I am very lucky to meet lots of great new friends, but there’s a saying in Russian that “one old friend is better than two new ones”.

    A: What’s the most important thing in your life right now?
    K: At the moment, the most important thing for me is my job. I love my job and enjoy waking up for work every day which is an incredible feeling.

    A: Do you believe in destiny?
    K: I believe that there are no random things in our life. But I do believe in good luck for those who try their best and work hard. Every new contract for me is a new result and a step closer to something better.

    A: Is there a destination you dream of travelling to?
    K: I do, but it’s a secret dream! I know that one day I will make it to that place. My dreams give me the strength to keep moving in life.

    A: Where can we keep in touch with your modelling career and pursuit of your dreams?
    K: I share lots of pictures on Facebook; Kate Nadezhdina and on Instagram; katya_nadezhdina - all are welcome to join me there!