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    Bang SangHyeok.

    Bang SangHyeok is a Korean artist who works with the photographic medium experimenting with black and whites and light. We asked Bang a few questions about his work.
    Photography by Bang SangHyeok, Interview by Xaver Konneker.

    XK: Where and what did you study?

    BSH: I am Korean. I was a high school graduate and attended sculpture art school.

    XK: What is the name of the series you are presenting to Aserica? 

BSH: There is no title on it. It is a series of observations on light and form.

    XK: Why do you shoot black and white?

    BSH: There are many reasons why I like black and white. It was simply cool at first. I think that now it shows light and form, and the contents of photograph better. Color photographs are more fascinated by colors and more focused on these colors and not so much their content.

    XK: Women seem to be very central in your work. Could you elaborate a little bit on the reason behind this?

    BSH: I have been interested in women since I was a child. I have a very deep interest in love and relationships and naturally I have expressed that in my photography. I usually work with my eyes in everyday life without direction.

    XK: What are some of your artistic inspirations when it came to developing your style? I look at your work and people like Sam Haskins come to mind. Did he perhaps inspire you?

    BSH: I am most inspired by women. Therefore, seeing women is most affected by photography. I know Sam Haskins because of you. I did not know him before.

    XK: Do you shoot on analog or digital? Why do you choose to do so?

    BSH: I shoot from analog to digital or cell phone. There is no favorite camera. I just naturally prefer the camera in my hand.

    XK: Where do you see your work progressing in the future?

    BSH: I lost a lot in love and got a lot. I will now work on something other than love and relationship. I am going to focus more on light and form, or relationships without emotions.

    See more of Bang’s work on http://www.bangsanghyeok.com/