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    Aserica caught up with Bangkok based models Gim and Third and chatted about life, love and their dream places.
    Photography by Matthieu Lunard, Fashion Editor Kiekie Delarue Nonthakote.

    Tell us a bit about yourself
    GIM: I’m more commonly known by my Instagram name, Gimj! I was born and raised in the hot metropolis Bangkok. It’s a fun city to grow up in and the weather is always tropical so keeping a tan is never a problem!

    THIRD: I was born in Bangkok, which is an an amazing city with so much going on! Just wandering around Bangkok is exciting with at the beautiful and unique temples. There’s also so many great art galleries, flea markets and some the fanciest shopping malls in Asia. I personally feel like Bangkok is such a spiritual place and for me it will always be my home. Most of my family live here too so I never feel lonely.

    What is the earliest memory you have from your childhood?
    GIM: I’ve once escaped from school class and got caught by the teacher

    THIRD: It’s quite funny, I think the earliest memory I have is from when I was around five years old having a lip sync battle with my brother and my cousin!

    What did you dream of being as a young boy in Bangkok?
    GIM: I always dreamt of travelling around the world and I feel lucky that I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit with my work. I love finding new inspirations in everyday moments. Hopefully I will have more time for exploring in the future but at the moment I am focused on my studies.

    THIRD: I always dream to travel around the world. I loved to see new inspirations in every moment but now I’ve not do it yet because I still have to study

    What’s the most important thing to you right now?
    GIM: My mom, my dad and also my love!

    THIRD: The most important thing for me right now is pursuing my modelling career.

    What do you hope to achieve in your career as a model?
    GIM: I would love to work with Elle fashion week and Bangkok international fashion week, working with these big names in my hometown would be a career highlight for me.

    THIRD: I love everything about modelling, the way we represent the beautiful clothes and how you are transformed at each new job - it’s an exciting industry to be in. Of course I also like seeing the great pictures from each shoot, and those picture become fond memories that I can look back on. It’ll be nice when I’m older to have these pictures to show to my kids one day!

    Apart from Bangkok, is there another place in the world you would love to live?
    GIM: Definitely California, it’s always been a dream destination for me, streets lined with palm trees, beautiful beaches, parties and a lot of chilling and working on my tan!

    THIRD: There’s not really a specific place that I have found yet but I can say I would love to live by the beach - preferably on my own private island surrounded by nothing but nature!