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    Viktoria Kollerova

    From black and white self portraits to still lifes and faceless subjects, Viktória captures the essence of humans and objects in mind boggling simplicity.

    Born in Bratislava, Slovakia in 1984, Viktória Kollerová witnessed democracy at an early age. Slovakia was still under communist regime and Viktória was in the midst of it all, young, pure, free and surrounded by ideas she doesn’t comprehend. When the time finally came for her to choose her field of study, her passion for photography was still undiscovered.

    Viktória studied language but has yet to discover the language of photography. It wasn’t until years later that she started capturing self-portraits and still-lifes, not knowing this would mark the beginning of her career as a photographer.

    Viktória was drawn to photography instantly and found it a visually and emotionally serene way to express her views of the world. Viktória’s work grew in grace and complexity, baring existential questions through her series of dominant black and white photography. When asked about her occupation, she answered with a sense of contentment “Willingly unemployed”.