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    Feminine Form.


    This November will see the opening of a group exhibition focusing and depicting the role of the female body within the fashion industry. Posturing: Photographing The Body In Fashion has been co-created by fashion curator Shonagh Marshall and art buyer Holly Hay. The exhibition will showcase the women from within the industry and the creative process behind casting, styling, location, props and art direction.

    The exhibition will feature several photographers within the fashion industry such as; Coco Capitan, Johnny Dufort, Charlotte Wales, Lena C. Emery, Brianna Capozzi, Tyrone Lebon, Marton Perlaki, Charlie Engman, Pascal Gambarte, Tim Elkaïm, Estelle Hanania, Andrea Artemisio, Reto Schmid, Bibi Cornejo Borthwick, Blommers and Schumm, Zoe Ghertner, Hanna Moon and Joyce NG.

    The photos from the list of talented photographers will be exhibited alongside with editorials from British Vogue, AnOther, i-D, Interview, The Gent...


    Drawn In Colour.


    The Burrell Collection is the holder of most rarely seen works from 19th century artist, Degas. In collaboration with the National gallery in London, the gallery will showcase the group of 20 pastel paintings under the exhibition Drawn In Colour: Degas from the Burrell . These rarely viewed works have not been shown outside of Scotland, where there were originally acquired.

    Marking the century of Degas’s death the National Gallery will exhibit one of greatest artistic innovators of his time. Degas was known for relentlessly experimenting with the artistic process in terms of materials and mediums which he used to depict his idealistic modern ParisIan life.

    The exhibit Drawn In Colour: Degas from the Burrell will be on view at the National Gallery from 20 September 2017- 7 May 2018




    The New Race.


    22 year old Jamall Osterholm is catching the fashion and art universes attention with his newest collection and his goal to influence the future of black masculinity. Osterholm is using fashion as a method to change the face and societal expectations of the black male body. His aim is to create genderless fashion in which he claims that “Ive created this all-black alien race. I'm kind of using it as a metaphor for slavery — looking at contemporary black culture as a descendant of slave culture, which would be a descendant of African culture. I'm trying to follow that linage to ask, What's next?”

    Osterholm has taken what is expected from mens wear and altered the fabric of the mindset around the black male body. This idea was stemmed from a course that he took at RISD called “The Black Female Body.” There be began questioning the way he perceived the black male form that he embodied and was surrounded with.

    "The clothes ...


    the line between the reader and writer has blurred - and so have the distinction among tweet, blog post, newspaper story, magazine article, the line between professionals and amateurs - practically beyond recognition. More than ever we can still crave for latest updates or ever-changing trends.


    The Disasters of Everyday Life.

    The Blain Southern Museum will be showcasing the war inspired collages and sculptures from the brother duo, Jake and Dinos Chapman.

    Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait
    An Unfolding Portrait.

    The Museum of Modern Art will be holding in exhibition featuring the vast scope of work by Louise Bourgeois.

    Latest Updates/Reposts /Exclusive Content /A Master Passion Is The Love Of News...