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    Rwandan Daughters.


    April 7th 25 years ago marked the anniversary of one of the most horrible genocides in modern memory. The Rwandan Genocide took place over 100 days in 1994, where over one million Rwandan people were murdered. The systematic degradation, rounding up, and finally murder of over 70% of the Tutsi population by Hutu majority government remains a painful scar in the country’s history, and lives on amongst the population who are still recovering from the violence. The Rwandan Daughters project is a photography project worked on by German photographer Olaf Heine, and the organizations Ora Kinderhilfe. For the past three years, he has been documenting 80 victims of rape during the genocide, and their children. Many women were raped during the genocide, many died from AIDS related diseases or were forced out of their communities due to the stigma around their rape by Hutu supporters. This project is a powerful portrayal of their lived experie...


    Selfies, Equal/Egos.


    Vichy, France hosts the French festival of portrait photography, which this year will show selfies, and work by Philippe Halsman, Turkina Faso, and Benni Valsson to name a few. This year’s exhibition will prove to be one of the most diverse, with artists from all over the world united by their work in portraiture. The exhibition Selfies, Equal/Egos represents a mixture of professional as well as amateur work that dives deeper into the revived practice of self-portraiture in the digital age. One series in particular looks at the rigid gender norms that are imposed upon young children in Ukraine’s military camps. These pictures use soft light, and distinct silhouettes that remind the viewer of those feeling evoked in classic paintings – however they also expose the ways in which society clearly sets a path for young children to follow. It clearly exposes how we confine boundaries of behaviour, style, and aesthetics – an unspoken langua...


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    James Flemons has created a new collection of clothing for his main line Phlemuns. It is combining the eclectic high fashion aesthetic with an easy to wear and accessible name. These are cloths that are staples, things you might want to wear to make a statement, or to seriously outshine your peers. The collection features metallic pants, classic silhouettes with modern fabrics like spacey hoods and cutaway tops. Flemons is also trying to revolutionize other parts of his business as well by creating a more eco-friendly line. In order to combat one of the most unsustainable aspects of the fashion industry, waste, Flemons is making sure not to stockpile cloths. As a young black designer, Flemons is pushing new boundaries for what fashion for young people can look like and we are excited to see the magic happen.



    the line between the reader and writer has blurred - and so have the distinction among tweet, blog post, newspaper story, magazine article, the line between professionals and amateurs - practically beyond recognition. More than ever we can still crave for latest updates or ever-changing trends.


    Sneakers like Jay-Z.

    Visual art Award dedicated to commissioned photography to be hosted in April in Paris.

    Kiko Kostadinov X Asics.

    Frank Lebon shoots this new collaboration with legendary brand.

    Latest Updates/Reposts /Exclusive Content /A Master Passion Is The Love Of News...