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  • Something has shifted. Something between The East and The West. There’s a New Frontier and there’s a New Citizenship. L.A Tokyo Moscow London Shanghai Bucharest Bangkok Milan NewYorkCity Seoul Paris Zurich Madrid Berlin Beijing. Aserican are from Everywhere. Aserica. It's Asia - America - and the Whole World in between.



    Asericans are everywhere / Exclusive Interviews / Portraits and Portfolios /It's here and nowhere else.

    The Pure.


    My name is Agustin Farias, I was born in San Antonio de Areco, a small beautiful town outside of Buenos Aires.
    My family is from Italy, but I don’t really have a strong connection to that history. I’ve always been curious about their life there and i wished that i had witnessed how it changed once they moved to Argentina.
    I’ve been taking photos since I was 18 and right now i enjoy the most shooting portraits, but as a kid my dream was to direct films
    Travelling has a strong influence over my work, Although my greatest adventure was 4 years ago in Vietnam my best memory taking photos was in Berlin. It was just on my phone, but because of the light it looked like film.
    When i am taking pictures i am mainly focusing on the light.
    This series was shot in Berlin after Elaine contacted me on instagram. She was visiting from London and asked me if i could take her picture.
    I reached out to Keke on In...


    The Modernist.


    It's not often that we hear from the stylists behind photoshoots. But whenever we get the opportunity we love to interview Mariano Oviedo; the stylist and creative director at The Villa Stylist. Mariano is sharing his newest publication for The Villa Stylist called Charles.

    NM: How did you first get into styling and fashion?

    MO: Ever since I was child I loved playing with my mother's clothes. I loved dressing up and and assembling outfits. At 17 I started studying to become a Fashion Designer. After graduating, I presented my thesis at the Museum of Architecture of Buenos Aires (Argentina). I realized that I most enjoyed generating styling and publishing fashion production. I decided to start with my project The Villa Stylist. As the creative director I develop editorials and work for clothing brands in the world of fashion styling and production.

    NM: What was the main theme or inspiration behind this...





    NM: The photo used in this series looks vintage. Did you know this person or did you find a random photo that you were inspired to work with? Do you know the year and place this photo was taken?
    CT: I found the old photograph at a flea market in Manila. It was most likely taken in the 1960s and it shows a man in his late 30s, with markedly Filipino features, posed against the iconic skyline of New York City.
    NM: What did you see when you first acquired the photo?

    CT: Ginoó is a Tagalog word for “sir”, “mister”, or “gentleman”. The man in the photograph was most probably an overseas Filipino worker in the United States, on a day off perhaps, on a trip, posed here as a tourist. I was struck right away by his mirth, his posture and self-assured bearing, his clothes, but even more so by how familiar he looked, how distinctly and undeniably Southeast Asian his countenance was, in contrast to the foreignn...


    here, and only now. We produce our blend of newly-shot original interviews, film footage, portraits of artists and talents. We focus most on singularity, significant individual works and exhibitions, provocative ideas, and biographical material. We want to be there when it happens - and of course we want to be there first.



    Jus Vun finding creativity through spontaneity.

    Human Interaction.

    Zhang tao, Shen Dian, Leng Chuan and James photographed by Lu Yang.

    Asericans are everywhere / Exclusive Interviews / Portraits and Portfolios /It's here and nowhere else.