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  • Something has shifted. Something between The East and The West. There’s a New Frontier and there’s a New Citizenship. L.A Tokyo Moscow London Shanghai Bucharest Bangkok Milan NewYorkCity Seoul Paris Zurich Madrid Berlin Beijing. Aserican are from Everywhere. Aserica. It's Asia - America - and the Whole World in between.



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    Brooklyn Baby.


    Julien Besson is a passionate photographer and observer of New York City. His work is filled with busy streets, pockets of untouched neighborhoods and the youth that stomp these grounds. In his newest series Brooklyn Baby, Besson takes his viewers on a journey through Brooklyn, New York and creates a even twist of street style and afro culture. See the whole series and his other works at his website julianphotographies.blogspot.fr

    NM: Tell us a little about yourself!

    JB: I am French, living in Paris. I have been practicing photography for 5 years. Throughout my photography process I constantly look at others as a smuggler of emotions. Photography gives me the opportunity to use it as a medium of expression, to speak about myself and my sensitivities.
    My inspiration is driven from life. I love walking around to random streets and waiting for the moment to come. The moment or scenery which lets me feel some emotio...


    Up Close & Personal.


    Kenya Sugai, has some of the most curiosity sparking photography. By using extreme close up shots, Sugai outlines and the endless possibility of what could be staring back at the viewer. In their newest series “02” we are faced with interesting artifacts that require creativity to decipher. Find out more from Kenya and what started these provoking, and curated photos.
    “My name is Kenya Sugar and I'm from Fukuoka, Japan. My first introduction to photography was actually through film making.I originally thought that photography didn’t need much technical knowledge or practice, just because all you had to do was press a shutter-release button. I found out quickly that I was wrong and realized photography allowed me to express something I couldn’t before. As an important theme in all my works, I am interested in challenging what I can create in the field of snap photography, a simplest and quickest way of representation. I am ...





    As a regular contributor, Rakeem Perry holds a special place at Aserica. His work always challenges society’s thoughts and pushes main stream normalities outside of the box. His newest series called “Blondie” grasps the concept of love, and strips it down to emotion and intimacy. Find more of his work at www.rakeemperry.com

    NM: Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? When did you first start experimenting with photography?

    RP: I was born in Germany and lived there until I was 3 years old. My mother is German and my dad is black. When I was 3 we moved to South Carolina and I’ve lived here since. I started photography when I was in high school, at the time I didn’t have any intentions to become a photographer but I quickly fell in love with it.

    NM: You have contributed to Aserica in the past. How does this series, Blondie, differ from your previous work that was featured with us?

    RP: With th...


    here, and only now. We produce our blend of newly-shot original interviews, film footage, portraits of artists and talents. We focus most on singularity, significant individual works and exhibitions, provocative ideas, and biographical material. We want to be there when it happens - and of course we want to be there first.


    Grey Matter.

    Grey Matter, DATURA A/W 2017 photographed by Pablo Ravazzani.

    School Days are Over.

    School Days are over, Milla McKenzie and Ruby Bell photographed by Vasilis Photiou, Make Up by Agata Porszke.

    Asericans are everywhere / Exclusive Interviews / Portraits and Portfolios /It's here and nowhere else.