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  • Something has shifted. Something between The East and The West. There’s a New Frontier and there’s a New Citizenship. L.A Tokyo Moscow London Shanghai Bucharest Bangkok Milan NewYorkCity Seoul Paris Zurich Madrid Berlin Beijing. Aserican are from Everywhere. Aserica. It's Asia - America - and the Whole World in between.



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    My name is Narat Sumitra. I was born in Betong, Yala, in South Thailand in 1986. When I was 15, I moved to Chiang Mai. There I worked in a night club. Life there was quite but I loved it. Till now I enjoyed living in quiet, isolated places. Today I have settled down in Rangsit, far from Bangkok city center.

    My father was a soldier, he was mixed English and Thai. He taught me about discipline, a quality I still respect to this day. It was my dream to become a soldier like my father. I believe that a wise man, in a time of peace, prepares for war.

    When I was 27, I moved to Bangkok to work as a model. To me, fashion isn’t extremely important, but my father is my style icon. He had a minimal style, like I do. I always wear black.

    In 2014, I opened a café, I am now a full time café owner and a part time model. My biggest passion is coffee, and my dream is to build up my café to put it on the map. I spend time on Insta...


    The Dancer


    “My fourth trip to Brooklyn in May 2018 was caressed by the world of the dance.
    I was lodged at the corner of Myrtle Ave with two dancers and choreographers.
    It was impossible not to be interested in their life. I found two blocks from where I lived, an almost abandoned basketball court, the ideal setting for the movie 'West side story', with these old buildings with firescapes in background.
    We did not prepare anything. She came dressed as she is in life.
    In order to present her for this series, I photographed her with what the street offered me; an old cadillac - the ideal symbol of America. It nourishes the timelessness of my work, linking past and present. Annalee used the structure of the basketball court to express her Art by freezing the movement with my direction. Then, she danced with talent, without music. I admired her expressing her Art and I tried to film her.
    She edited the files...



    The Darkest Hour


    We talk to young Russian photographer, Masha Demianova, about her inspiration and dreams.

    AM: Where were you born?

    MD: I was born in Moscow, Russia

    AM: What was your dream as a kid?

    MD: It was to live in America

    AM: When did you start taking photos professionally?

    MD: I started at around 22 years old

    AM: What are the things that inspire you the most?

    MD: Movies, philosophy, nature

    AM: What is the importance of travel in your work?

    MD: It’s always important to have a ‘fresh’ point of view, so you need to move around, everywhere can be inspiring

    AM: How would you define your photography?

    MD: For me it’s a way to perceive the world and transmit it into a certain form, what comes from it – it’s up to the viewer

    AM: What was the best memory you have taking photos?

    MD: In my dreams I take perfect pictures

    AM: What do you consciously ...


    here, and only now. We produce our blend of newly-shot original interviews, film footage, portraits of artists and talents. We focus most on singularity, significant individual works and exhibitions, provocative ideas, and biographical material. We want to be there when it happens - and of course we want to be there first.


    Blue Boy

    Blue Boy, Egor Svetsky photographed by Jennifer Medina.

    The Pure.

    The pure, Elaine Kwok & Keke Liu photographed by Agustin Farias.

    Asericans are everywhere / Exclusive Interviews / Portraits and Portfolios /It's here and nowhere else.