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  • Something has shifted. Something between The East and The West. There’s a New Frontier and there’s a New Citizenship. L.A Tokyo Moscow London Shanghai Bucharest Bangkok Milan NewYorkCity Seoul Paris Zurich Madrid Berlin Beijing. Aserican are from Everywhere. Aserica. It's Asia - America - and the Whole World in between.



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    Through questioning the stories behind the day-to-day scenes, and questioning himself, Daragh Soden succeeds in creating beautiful and forthright portraits of cities and people. We interviewed him to find out a bit about this artist, and his series, Toulon.

    IP: Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like?
    DS: I grew up in Dublin, Ireland. I think my childhood was pretty unremarkable… My memories are of itchy school uniforms, long boring days in school, playing football in the rain, trying to fit in, and waiting for summer holidays (which were spent in, around and always near the sea).

    IP: How did you get into photography? Did you study for it?
    DS: I studied engineering when I left school but dropped out half way through. Then I worked in film and tv for a while and did some travelling. After that I studied Documentary Photography in Newport, South Wales. I moved to London when I graduated two years...


    gu Kim

    Seunggu Kim, a South Korean photographer based in Seoul, captures the modern way of life in Korea. Focusing on the social ironies of Korean society, for example the unbalance between long working hours and leisure time, he shows us how Koreans navigate and become accustomed to new realities.

    IP: What was your dream as a kid?

    SK: I used to go to a small mountain near my house when I was a kid. I liked looking through the grass, and observing the movement of insects, so I wanted to be an entomologist.

    IP: How did you get interested in photography?

    SK: When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time alone. I took pictures outside every night, I thought I could express my feelings through empty space and the form of things.

    IP : Can you describe your personal aesthetic? What do you like about your own photographs?

    SK: I want to balance the unnatural elements in the rectangle Frame.

    IP: I...


    20161124 003

    Michael is a self-taught Israeli photographer, working in both the commercial and fine art sector. His work catalogues his travel experiences in the US and Dublin, and his friends and family back home in Israel. We asked him a few questions to find out about his aesthetic, what pushed him into the world of photography, and what plans he has for the future.

    IP: Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

    MI: I was born in Russia, then the Soviet Union and raised in Israel. Besides a short stint in Dublin the last 10 years or so I live in Tel Aviv,

    IP: How did you get started in photography? You mention you were self-taught, so how did you get inspired to pick up the camera?

    MI: My late father was an avid amateur photographer, I remember the smell of his zenit's leather case, was always drawn to that. One of my earliest toys was a broken (german) camera from wwII my grandfather had.

    IP: What do...


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    Wang YiShu

    Yishu Wang is a photographer who travels and takes photos of his lived reality in the changing social and cultural landscape of China. His photogra...

    Alexander Coggin

    American photographer Alexander Coggin tells Aserica about his work, his inspirations and future projects.

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